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Providing mental health education, prevention, and advocacy for youth.

We began by working with local school staff, health providers and community members to identify the barriers to mental wellness faced by youth in our community.

The identified barriers include:

  • “The Stigma” associated with mental health issues
  • Lack of awareness/understanding of mental health issues students face
  • Students and their parents/guardians don’t know “where to turn to” for help
  • Financial burden of health care

Our comprehensive three-pronged solution to remove barriers to care:

1. Mental Health Education – To eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness through greater awareness, understanding and education. The initiative provides community education about the signs and symptoms of mental illness, and the steps individuals can take to increase their mental wellbeing. Vital to this initiative is Imagine Thriving Student Board, a group of dedicated, hard-working students from Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead high schools and colleges, to give presentations on mental health to other students, businesses and community organizations.

2. Student Wellness Facilitators (SWFs – mental health professionals) – Specially trained and designated school mental health personnel who connect students and their parents/guardians to the appropriate mental healthcare provider and help ensure that struggling students have a strong network of care and support.
Imagine Thriving has provided funding for the salaries of two SWFs in Fargo Public Schools and one for Moorhead Area Public Schools. Funds are currently being raised to expand SWF programming.

3. The Access to Care Fund – Helps relieve financial cost associated with mental health care. Expenses such as transportation to appointments, co-pays and prescriptions create a financial strain for families and can result in a child going without care.

Meet the Imagine Thriving staff and Board of Directors


Heather Zinger – Executive Director
Taryn Wallace – Operations Support Specialist
Baylee Engquist – Youth Community Organizer

Board of Directors:

Jane Dynes – Interim President
Dinah Goldenberg- Secretary
Dan Macintosh – Interim Treasurer
Nancy Jordheim – Past Chair
Skyler Stoner
Patty Corwin
Tiffaney Holm
Amanda McKinnon
Emily Schubert
Natalie Reiter
Mytch Dorvilier
Juli Munro
Monica Miller
Martin Avery

We LOVE to talk about THRIVING!

If you would like to schedule a presentation for your school, business, church group or community organization by the Imagine Thriving Student Board or any member of the Imagine Thriving team, please contact us at or 701-318-2046.

Every dollar helps

Imagine Thriving is not possible without the generous contributions from supporters of the Goetz Mental Wellness Initiative. Show your support. Donate now.

Important: Mental illness is a serious medical condition. If you or someone you know is exhibiting suicidal tendencies, do not hesitate to tell a trusted adult or seek help from a medical professional.  If you or a friend are in immediate danger of harming self or others call 911.

For more information about suicide and warning signs, click here.