Are you walking, running, or biking in the 2017 Fargo Marathon?!
Kids in our community need you! Every mile walked, run or biked – will change and save a life!

1 in 4 area high school students indicate a mental health concern.  1 in 10 have attempted suicide.
These are not numbers – they are children. Your child, niece or nephew, your daughters boyfriend, your neighbors’ kid .  They need your help.

To sign up:
2.) Click “fundraise for this campaign”  on the top right  OR  “Join the team” on the bottom right) 
(see screen shot of page)
3.) Create an account and “join the team”
4.) Create your own Imagine Thriving Fundraiser Page that you will use to receive donations.
5.) Donate $25 as a registration fee to receive your first incentive, an Imagine Thriving T-shirt
6.) You are ready to Go! Share your page on social media asking friends and family to donate.

Your “Welcome to the Imagine Thriving Running Team” email will arrive shortly  – filled with all
kinds of great info!

2017 Incentive Prizes!

Coming soon!



Note: This is a separate, additional sign-up from The Fargo Marathon sign up. Each team member must be signed up for at least one Fargo Marathon Event. To sign up for the marathon event follow the link below and click “register now”