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Imagine Thriving

When you’ve lost a friend or classmate to suicide:

Whether you were close friends, haven’t talked to someone since grade school or you didn’t know them personally – the death of a peer hurts.
Read this article – share it with your friends.  Support your friends.  Talk with your parents/guardians or other trusted adult like your school counselor. You are not alone.  Know that things will get better.  Read about the ESSENTIALS TO THRIVING (teal box on the left) – find the ones that feel good to you.

Parents: When your child’s classmate dies by suicide

Start the conversation with your child.  Ask them how they are feeling.  Listen to with out judgement.  Let them know you are there to support them.  Protect them – trust your gut, if you are worried reach out to school counselors, clergy or family physician – just like if they had a physical condition that you weren’t sure how to treat.  Read about the signs of distress and how you can help them find healthy coping skills with the Essentials to Thriving, here.    Take a look at this too:

Help is a phone call, text, email or visit away.

Support Lines

Support for LGBTQ young adults

Crisis Text Line:   Text “GO” to 741-741  …. 24/7 Free text support

National Suicide Prevention Life Line

If anyone is threatening to hurt themself or someone else:

1. Do not panic.
2. Make sure student is in care of someone trusted.
3. Remove firearms. Lock up and carefully account for household items such as knives, prescription drugs, and poisonous substances.
4. Call 911
Take threats of suicide seriously. Do not be scared to call …. they are there to help.

Independent Mental Health Professionals in Fargo-Moorhead Area

Find therapists who specialize in child and adolescent mental health Mental Health Care Centers in the F-M  Area here.

Mental Health Care Centers in the F-M  Area

Essentia Health
The Village Family Service Center
Prairie St. John’s
Sanford Child and Adolescent Program

Treatment Centers

Luther Hall
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch 

Imagine Thriving Parent Connect Meeting

As a parent, it’s incredibly difficult to watch your child struggle with a mental health concern. Parents often feel alone, helpless and unsupported. Connecting with other parents who are going through or have gone through similar experiences can be very powerful and healing allowing you to care for yourself.
For questions or to register contact: or call 701-318-2046. Registration is required.

Please indicate if you will need childcare, age of child/children and any special needs they may have.

Because Connect is sponsored by the generous donors of the Goetz Mental Wellness Initiative and Imagine Thriving, there is no charge.

Links to Articles

Suicide & Depression Q&A from SAVE
9 Things Every Parent with an Anxious Child Try
Teen Depression: A Guide for Parents
Mental Illness in Children: Know The Signs by Mayo Clinic 

Meditation – the practice of mindfulness- is a highly effective treatment for anxiety and depression. Great information & resource from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkley